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Airline Director

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Airline management tycoon game

Airline fleet

Airline routemap in america

Be the CEO in this Airline manager tycoon game!
Lead the airline with your management skills to global domination in the airline business.
It is your job to buy aircraft, open routes, set up maintenance and airline service. You
have to overcome challenges such as aging fleet, volatile economies, rising fuel prices...
Can you make it as an airline manager?

-92 aircraft models from different manufacturers
-Realistic simulation of airline business
-Transfer passengers through hub airports
-Supersonic aircraft
-Beautiful route maps
-Airports in the game cover the world
-Game simulates the airline business from 1960 onwards

Airline management tycoon game

Hub airport

b737 aircraft tu154 aircraft a320 aircraft
B737 TU154 A320
Airline fleet

The airline strategy is in your control. You decide if it is better to build a 5 star airline,
a low cost carrier or something in between. Choose your service, fleet, hubs and
destinations to suit your strategy. You may have to adjust your strategy if an economy is
booming or in recession. Competition plays a big part in your decisions in the game.
Will your management skills thrive the company in the airline simulation?

-Long haul and competitive routes need a very high service level and
modern aircraft to attract customers.
-A big route network is especially important for long haul flights.
-A hub will transfer passengers travelling from two airports if
the one stop distance is not more than 30% longer than a direct flight
and the route is at least 1000mi. Connecting routes are animated on the routemap.

b727 aircraft dc8 aircraft dc9 aircraft
B727 DC8 DC9
Airline route map

Airline business tycoon game

Management of airline routes

Available for:
-Android phones, tablets and computers
-IOS iPhone, iPad, iPod
-Windows PC and tablets
-Windows phones